Regional and Sub-regional Strategies

Inputs to:  
  • South West Regional Natural Resource Management Strategy –working group representative on behalf of Peel Harvey Catchment Council (2003-5).
  • Peel Harvey Catchment Natural Resource Management Plan – for Peel Harvey Catchment Council (2005).
  • Leschenault NRM Subregion Catchment Management Strategy - for Leschenault Catchment Council (2006).
  • Geographe Catchment Management Strategy– for Geocatch (2005).
  • Cape to Cape Catchments Management Strategy– for Catchments Grp (2005).

See South West Project Areas.

Policy Development

Inputs to:
  • Shire of Jerramungup Plantation Policy development – for Shire (2012-2014).
  • Review of Policies Affecting Agriculture and the Environment – for Department of Environmental Protection (1999).
  • Foreshore Policy Working Paper ‘Towards a Statewide Foreshore Policy - Using biophysical and geomorphic criteria to determine areas for foreshore protection and management’ – for Water and Rivers Commission (1997-98).

Training and Specialist Advice

Western Australia
  • Esperance Property Planning Workshops - ENAC & Wongutha - Input to Southern Agricultural Indigenous Landholder Service (SAILS) Workshops (2011).
  • ‘Land Management in Swan-Canning & Brockman Catchments’ Training Course for staff and local government on behalf of Agriculture Western Australia (2000-01).
  • ‘Putting Land Resources Information into Perspective’ and ‘Managing Land Degradation Using Land Use Planning Processes’ – Training Course and Manuals for local government on behalf of Agriculture Western Australia (1997 – 99).
  • ‘Know Your Soils’ Training Course - Iluka / Land Management Society (1999).
  • Vanuatu - Resource Management Adviser - for AACM Pty Ltd and AusAID (1996).
  • East Java - Soil Conservation Adviser  - as part of Brantas River Basin Catchment Management Feasibility Study - with WRECA Engineering Consultants and Department of Environmental Protection on behalf of AusAID (1995).